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Who is FDI


FDI was established in 2017 as a collaborative company bringing products together from around the world to provide dental professionals solutions for their implant restorations. FDI is the US based company representing the manufacturers presented below. Together with the manufacturers FDI is focused innovating the digital implant market in the US. From angled screw channel to digital libraries and their relationship with manufacturing software and equipment FDI in moving digital implant technology forward.

The potential of screw-retained can be unlocked and full freedom of design can be attained with FDI's Angled Screw Channel Solutions. These components allow for the angling of the screw access channel by an industry leading 30°. This allows for a truly customized screw-retained restoration on every case and at a greater value to both the lab and clinic. These components are patented by the manufacturers and FDI is the exclusive provider of these products in the U.S. and Mexico. This means FDI is the only legitimate source to obtain components that allow an angled connection between the screw and driver for all platforms offered.

Not only does FDI offer the full suite of traditional implant products but the digital offering is just as vast as well as constantly growing. We will provide the physical components, the digital libraries and a means to produce implant crowns to our customers with CAM solutions. Choose freedom of design, choose a truly universal Titanium Base, choose value in a variety of products and Get a Better Angle with FDI.



IBO was created in 2011 betting in a firm way for research and technology in the development of various lines of prosthetic attachments which make up a catalog of more than 800 references that make us lead this section in Spain and be a benchmark at European level.

All this leads us to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers and a perfect smile from the patients as we solve any case, however complicated, that the implant dentist has to face.

To this we must add the most serious machines for the manufacture of our prostheses, with the highest standards of quality and minimum tolerances that guarantee that all our products enjoy one:
Guaranteed quality of LIFE.


Ball Head Group

logobhs.original.pngOur conviction that the existing solutions for correcting uncomfortable implant emergency profile could be improved led us to creating a prosthetic restoration system that offers an outstanding performance, user-friendly handling and versatility of use.

BHS30 represents an aesthetic and functional guarantee, featuring the greatest angulation capacity in the market to cover the real needs of professionals. This technological challenge has been solved by our team providing freedom of angulation from 0 to 30 degrees, ensuring the best solution, accuracy and function in those cases where accessibility condition is critical, and improving aesthetics in restorations on the anterior sector. 

The innovative BHS30 technology provides dental professionals (dentists, laboratory technicians and milling centers) with an easier prosthetic procedure and offers a wide range of solutions to the different types of restoration. BHS optimizes fitting, time consumption and number of intermediate abutments needed, while reducing costs and potential cumulative mismatches. 

BHS opens endless possibilities in dental prosthetic design, comfort and safety of use and mechanical performance guarantee. The BHS system has been developed by dental professionals for dental professionals.




We are a dynamic company, with a long history in the dental sector. 

We have headquarters in California, branch in Spain and we have distributors in many countries, which allows us to move globally. Our high priority is to provide solutions to the different demands of our customers.

We specialize in CAD/CAM, designing Implant Libraries and Implants Components for a wide variety of systems. We have an extensive knowledge of all the Implant Systems of the market, which has led us to design one of the most complete and versatile implant libraries on the market.